We don’t just launch brands, we land them.

Brands exist in a world of noise. At a time when everyone else is shouting, we believe that starting a conversation is the best way to be heard. We provide branding, packaging and web design with a human touch. It’s what we’re passionate about, and what we’d be doing even if we weren’t being paid for it.

We don’t believe in over-engineered, because it’s inefficient. But we also don’t believe in under-engineered, because there’s often no such thing. A thing should be only as complicated as it needs to be.

We will help your brand take off and land your product in the minds of consumers.

We Are Landed

Meet our Leaders

We are led by an exceptional team of thinkers and doers who inspire creativity at each and every turn.

Lee Saxelby - Founder & Creative Director at Flipflop Design Ltd

Lee Saxelby

Owner & Creative Director

Meet Lee.
Owner and Creative Director.

I’m a multi-disciplinary designer with a love of the craft. I still remember when it was all just pencils, scalpels and magic tape.

I’m also a problem-solver, manager, wife, mother, photographer and tea-maker. And I devote the same level of energy and love to each of these disciplines.

I’ve worked in huge international design houses and smaller agencies, and I directed all that experience into starting up Landed with just a Mac on my dining room table. As I see it, my job has always been to give clients a creative solution that breaks the mould, but not the bank.

I believe a handshake’s as good as a contract. I also believe that things are better together, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t all still be individuals. Because wouldn’t life be boring if we all thought the same?

“Perfection doesn’t exist. But if you ruthlessly pursue it every day, you can capture excellence. Sometimes that looks a lot like a chilled glass of Sancerre.”

Shayda Azar

Designer & Creative Artworker

Meet Shayda.
Designer and Creative Artworker.

I believe life is for the exploring, and every day is the chance to start a new journey of discovery. Why else would they constantly change the toolbar in Photoshop?

I have a keen eye for detail, and enjoy working within guidelines. It’s the best way to create work that’s single-minded and engaging. I like to walk the fine line between ‘methodical’ and ‘obsessed,’ and am just as precise with my layouts as I am my son’s lunches. I still get a buzz from seeing work I’ve been a part of in-store, although I gave up buying them all when I realised I had a whole cupboard dedicated just to beard oil.

In my spare time, I try to embrace the beauty in nature. Inspiration is never more than a beach-walk or a sunset away.

“Sometimes it’s important to search for meaning in the cosmic chaos around us. Other times, you’ve got to just laugh.”


Rob Richardson

Front & Back End Developer

Meet Rob.
Web Developer.

Everyone made fun of me at university when I told them I studied Internet Technologies and Applications, but thankfully I’ve had the last laugh because this World Wide Web thing seems to be here to stay.

I’ve now got more than 10 years experience in visual communication and design. I’ve worked as a technical lead, a hands-on developer and a website designer, and am very familiar with HTML, CSS, LESS, SCSS and LMAO. Thankfully I get to do them all every day at work.

I love living in a city as diverse as creative and Brighton because inspiration is all around me. It helps me to keep moving forward.

Finally, I believe that opinions are like cats: if you don’t have one, what the hell’s the matter with you?

“Unlimited money won’t buy you happiness, but it’ll buy you unlimited coffee. That’s good enough for me.”

Beauty is nothing without brains.

Whatever your business challenge, we can craft a bespoke solution that’s creatively simple, elegant and precise.
But more than that; it’s work that works.

We start with insight drawn from real relationships, where we constantly look, listen and learn. Only when we’ve taken the time to fully understand your business objectives will we offer an opinion. That’s because we want to be your partners, not just your suppliers. Sure, we use computers, but communication is our main tool. It’s an honest, transparent and personal service that you won’t get from a traditional agency.

That means we’ll always tell you the truth, even if you don’t want to hear it. That our work will take as much pride in its effectiveness as its looks. And that you’ll never get six words where one will do – We promise.

You’ve met us,
now let’s meet you.

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Need more convincing?

A few kind words from our lovely clients.

Jonathan Stallick

Swell Hair Ltd

“Impeccable design standards…”

We’ve been working with Landed for a while and the whole experience has been a pleasure. The agency combines impeccable design standards with a down to earth attitude, a rare combination amongst the creative agencies we have worked with. We have been delighted with the results and are looking forwards to a continuing successful working relationship with Landed.

Iqbal Kalla

CEO, M&M Products Co.
Georgia. USA

“Challenging you to think differently…”

Lee and the team at Landed understand branding & packaging design. They create incredible designs that clearly capture what we want to communicate to our customers. The designs are impactful, grabbing the attention of the consumer. Landed don’t just follow instructions, they challenge you to think differently.