Logo Design

Think of it like the profile picture on a dating site. It needs to make people want to swipe right.

As a major player in your company branding arsenal, your logo design needs to identify you to the world. It is the visual stamp of your brand. It needs to be recognisable and memorable (for the right reasons!)

What’s in a logo design?

There’s a lot more to logo design than you’d ever imagine. You can buy one off the peg which may look pretty but in truth, has no depth or substance. Or you could hire professionals (like us) to create something with meaning, which resonates with your brand and your prospective clients. Our graphic designers put much thought and skill into crafting something unique which represents your brand personality and makes you clearly identifiable within the marketplace.

Brand Logo Design for Markus Wolf

Make a Mark

Often its beneficial to create both an icon (visual symbol) and wordmark (typography) which can work together or work just as well separately (think the Two Ronnies/French and Saunders).

Our graphic designers create a number of logo variations to improve your logos versality, and therefore its visibility. You can literally hit your consumers from every angle till you’re almost penetrating their sub-conscious! The devil’s in the detail and we think about every little element, for example a monogram or other icon could be worked into a repeat pattern, subtly adorning the reverse of your business card or exquisitely revealed on the inside of a carton.

Brand Logo Design for ZED.

We’re ready for a challenge

Let’s Talk

Logo design & so much more

Thought needs to be given to how and where your branded logo is going to be reproduced. Will it work both blown up on an exhibition stand and sewn into a tiny clothing label?

As well as creating a unique and memorable emblem for your brand or business, we will consider the application and look at varying the arrangement of the components to ensure your logo works across all media. This is why we suggest collaborating throughout the whole brand development:

  • Brand Strategy
  • Packaging Design
  • Label Design
  • Point of sale (POS) collateral
  • Exhibition Stands
  • Print Management

Great, but why hire us?

All these factors require careful contemplation and with our expertise in logo design that is exactly what we do. So, you could find an online logo design tool and get a brand logo for peanuts, but you know what you get if you pay peanuts!