Further to our previous blog ‘how to write a creative brief’ This is part 2 which lists creative brief example questions for the purpose of briefing your designers. Writing a creative brief with this questions in mind will also help you to really target your desired recipient.

Remember, a creative brief that is well thought out, focused and informative will result in well-presented great branding and packaging. So put the effort in at the beginning and your creative brief will produce the creative results you are looking for.


Creative Brief Questions


Company Related Questions


  • How would you describe your products or services?
  • What are the long term goals of your company?
  • Who are your main competitors?
  • How are you different from your competitors? What is your USP (unique selling point)

Project Related Questions


  • Do you have a current logo/brand? If so you should supply this to your design agency
  • Do you wish to retain the logo? If no then you should state what you like/dislike about the logo
  • Do you have a tag line you will sometimes use, when appropriate with your logo or packaging?
  • Do you have any specific imagery in mind for your logo or packaging?
  • Do you have any colour preferences or existing brand colours?
  • What do you want your new logo or packaging to accomplish?
  • What Adjectives should best describe your logo or packaging?
  • What feeling or message do you want your logo or packaging to convey to those who view it?
  • How do you prefer your logo/brand to be worded or written out? example. flipflopdesign or flip flop design
  • Where will your logo be used?  Example. Print, web
  • What is the age range/demographic of your target customer base?
  • Do you have a design budget?
  • What logos/packaging appeal to you and why? you should provide urls and submit images to your design agency


Packaging Specific Questions


  • What styles of packaging appeal to you? Example: Tubes, jars, sachets. Visual examples should be supplied if necessary.
  • How many SKU’s are there and do these all require different designs?
  • List primary and secondary packaging requirements.
  • What is your preferred printing method? Example: Labelling, litho screen printing…
  • Are there any special print finishing requirements? Example: embossing, foiling, lamination. Note: Extra print finishes will increase the unit cost of the packaging.
  • Do you have a target unit price? This may drive the direction of the packaging.
  • What is your target selling price?
In addition to writing your creative brief you should supply any other information, such as images or samples which you think are necessary.





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