Knowing how to launch a new brand is a culmination of many different factors. Whether you are launching a new brand, re-addressing an existing brand or if you are starting a new business it can be stressful and sometimes complicated.

When launching a new brand the most difficult stage of developing that brand is creating a unique and original brand identity which targets your desired demographic and delivers results. Your brand identity is made up from the visible elements of a brand (such as colors, design, typography, name, symbol) together these become the identifying marks of your brand to set you apart from your competitors.

Before you embark on trying to create a new brand identity you need a clear understanding of your product/service and of course your customers. It is essential that you to understand your own brand in order for you to be able to translate it to your customers.  A brand is the associations people have with a company, product or service that are beyond the physical aspects such as a brand logo. So you should ask yourself a few questions; What is your brand promise? What makes you different? Why should people trust you? Your brand is used to help pursuade consumers into buying your product or service by capturing the essence of your companies values. So the answers to these questions help you to define your brand and portray the way in which your company, product or service is perceived. Once you understand your brand you will be able to move forward and create a brand identity to build from.

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How to Launch a New Brand.

Hopefully you’ve done your research and are now fully armed with a real understanding of your brand, and now you need to communicate your brand values to your current and potential customers. So what’s next?

The Magic of a Brand Name.

You business or product name should be researched – look around at your competitors. Compile a list and try to come up with something different. Ultimately you’re trying to get potential customers to view your product or service as something different, something better. If you look or sound the same then you will be going head to head with your competitors. Its crowded out there and everyone is jostling for a piece of the same pie. So try to come up with some thing which is memorable and creates an emotional connection to your product or service. For example, Flipflop Design. Back in the day when our design agency was founded it was trendy to name your company after the founder/founders. This was too corporate for us. We wanted something more friendly, imaginative and memorable. I can’t tell you the amount of times we have been told a client loves our agency name or we get asked ‘Why Flipflop Design?’. We are happy to be asked ‘Why’ as this shows interest. A client wants to know more about us and we get our chance to explain. You should also think about any slogan or tag lines you want to use. An experienced design agency or graphic designer can help you develop this into something more targeted.

Designing a Brand Logo.

I can’t stress enough how important it is to use a professional graphic designer to design your brand logo instead of the chap next door. A badly designed brand logo can have a costly and detrimental effect on your brand image. Think about it..if your logo looks sloppy and hacked together, what does that say about your business. If its not obvious to you, do this really simple exercise. Take two of your competitors logos, one which looks… to phrase it…’pretty crappy’ and another which looks professionally designed. Now ask yourself which company or product you are going to use? Now ask everyone else you know to do the same…Get the idea? If you’re looking at launching a new brand get a graphic designer to do it professionally and your brand identity will sing. In the long run it will be the best money you’ve spent. That’s not my own personal sales pitch, that’s fact.

Stationery, Brochures and Printing.

Your stationery and printing should be to the same high standard as your new brand logo. This doesn’t mean it has to be all bells and whistles expensive. It just means the same level of attention should be given to it. It’s not always the case that the most expensively executed stationery and printing is the best. The style and quality of your printing should reflect your brand values. For example, if your company has strong ecological ethics, this should be reflected across your stationery and printing and you would not be foil blocking and laminating everything in sight. Ok so that’s an extreme example, but the style of your stationery and printing is representing your brand values. Choices of stock (material) and print techniques are often part of the design process as this can enhance your brand values. Beautifully printed packaging or a brochure on the correct stock speaks volumes and portrays a cohesive brand image. The choices you make can add or de-value your product/service.

In order to launch a new brand successfully you need a cohesive brand image and an important part of this is the brand identity. Then you will be well on your way to knowing how to launch a new brand, but it doesn’t stop there. It’s not just a matter of rolling out your new brand identity. You now have to carry through your brand values, communicate them to you target customer and deliver on your brand promise.

Knowing how to launch a new brand requires more than just a brand identity.

  • Pricing structure – this is not some made up figure, too cheap an you could undersell yourself, too expensive and you may price yourself out of your target market. That’s not to say high end products or services will do this but you need to have carefully researched the market (this should be part of your initial research) and understand where you fit into the market place.
  • Where is your product being launched or where will your business be based.
  • How will you launch your new brand and spread the word. This could be a launch event with a presentation and demonstrations.
  • Launching a new brand involves marketing and advertising to establish awareness.


This blog is just a guide on how to launch a new brand. If you are a considering launching a new brand and need a quote for an up and coming project. Why not get in touch?


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