A creative brief should convey essential information.

An accurate and well thought out creative brief produces excellent creative work. You are the one person that knows your brand and what you want to say. You need to convey this information as concisely and accurately as you can to your design agency.

Too many people expect a design agency to conjure up the magic of design without actually putting in the time and effort themselves, to ensure designers truly understand the product or service they are offering by writing a creative brief. All too many times I’ve received an email or phone call with the simple request of “I need a logo/packaging design, how much will it cost?” Well, how long is a piece of string?!

Lets look at it another way, would you say to a builder “build me a house” and let him get on with it? Of course not. You would think about what you truly want, what you can afford and how best to go about obtaining that goal without blowing your budget. So you would supply him with a brief.

A creative brief should address budget.

The design process is much the same. All too often, especially with start up companies, the design process is overlooked and often such a small budget allocated to it. But think about this, there is always someone else offering the same or similar product or service. So why should anyone choose you? If your brand image does not give the correct message, then why would your product or service be purchased above anyone else’s?

A sloppy badly presented brand sends all the wrong messages. All you need to do is put your self in the shoes of the consumer…If you had to choose between the same product or service for the same price and option 1 was well presented great branding, showing professionalism. Or option 2, a sloppy, badly designed product or service, which communicates a lack of care and attention, which would you pick?

A creative brief that is well thought out, focused and informative will result in well-presented great branding/packaging at perhaps half the cost of one that is cobbled together and changed on the fly.

Remember a good creative brief is not only required for the purpose of briefing your designers but is also really helpful as it focuses you to think about your product/service and really target your desired recipient.


Check back for part 2 of this blog ‘writing a creative brief ’.

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