Luxury Bottled Water, Seductive and Inspiring.

Water used to be free but now with the global explosion of designer water, we are being seduced by luxury brands of water.

This is without doubt a highly controversial subject and there are some pretty staggering facts to support just why we shouldn’t be lured into buying luxury water. But we cant help ourselves. We are drawn towards designer water as surely as SJP is drawn towards Manolo Blahnik shoes. Luxury water is a statement that sits right up there with your Gucci handbag and the bottled water brand owners know it.

Demand for luxury products continues and designer water together with luxury chocolates, health & beauty products and spirits & wines are all on the increase. Pre-recession the typical spend on a luxury item was around the £50-£100 mark, but for most of us that price point has reduced significantly to around £20-£50. Could it be that subconsciously we are purchasing expensive water and luxury chocolates as a surrogate for the Manolo Blahnik’s, and the drop in luxury item spend has a lot to do with the boom in these big growth areas? Perhaps, but despite allegations of bottled water being less safe than tap water and the fact it takes nearly 10 litres of water to make the plastic bottle which holds just 1 litre of water, I think the luxury water trend is set to continue.

As packaging designers we are all too aware of the task laid before us. Our goal is to influence the consumer, create desire and evoke emotion. This can often be a tall order given packaging restraints but with the massive growth in this area its a challenge packaging designers relish and the finished products are not only desirable but works of art in their own right.

As a packaging designer I perhaps look at things with a different eye to the typical consumer and although I have very clear views regarding packaging waste and our carbon footprint, my heart still races at the sight of beautifully executed packaging designs. So this blog just covers the aesthetics of designer water and puts aside the negativity which shrouds the industry.

Shaya Private Label Water

Shaya Private Label Water

New Packaging created by Danil Mandari for Shaya Restaurant. Shaya’s brand flows throughout the restaurant right down to the beautifully elegant packaging of the bottled water. A refreshingly simple bottle allowing the graphics to sing.

Blue Republic Luxury Water

Blue Republic South African Spring Water

The company’s main drive is to protect and preserve the earth and this is where the name derives from. Offering those who enjoy the finer things in life a product they can covet and cherish. Blue Republic Artesian Water not only embraces opulence, but strives to add substance to it. This is a luxury water product that embodies beauty and sophistication. Exceptional in every sense.

Iskilde Luxury Water Brand

Iskilde Luxury Water Brand

Iskilde in Danish means ‘ice spring’. The Iskilde spring is in a remote area untouched by urban settlement for more than 1000 years. The reservoir lies more than 50 meters below ground. Iskilde is an unusually cold spring with a ground temperature of only 8 degrees. ISKILDE has been listed at El Bulli Restaurant in Barcelona (“Best Restaurant in the World”, Restaurant Magazine).

Deep Origin Luxury Water Package Design

Deep Origin New Zealand Bottled Water

“Deep Origin was born with an ongoing intention and passion that it will be the most sustainable glass bottled water company in New Zealand – carrying a refund, bottles & crates are collected or exchanged for washing and reuse. The water bottle wears an intentionally small neck label, made from biodegradable Cellulose with a water soluble adhesive and the main label is permanently printed (ceramic).

Deep Origin Water is taking responsibility to drastically minimise the impact that its packaging elements have on the environment and on future generations of New Zealanders. What a breath of fresh air to see a bottled water company taking the lead.

Packaging Design for Fillico’s expensive water

Japanese Luxury Water Fillico

You’ve heard the term ‘more bang for your buck’…well Japanese water Fillico certainly gives you some bling for your buck!  You can purchase it for a mere for 219 dollars! Understandably extracting the water from the source at the foot of Rocky in Japan may be a little costly but I have a feeling the beautiful frosted glass bottles encrusted with Swarovski crystals may be where the money is really at.

Gota Mineral Water and Ice Cubes

Gota Natural Mineral Water

Gotal natural mineral water presents itself in a tactile frosted bottle with clean typography. Gota “Ice Cubes” are available in trays of six. The ice cubes are designed to melt slowly and be refrozen. The product is packaged entirely in recyclable materials.

Cisowianka Perlage mineral water

Cisowianka Perlage Polish Mineral Water

The name Perlage – is taken after a unique method of saturating the water with natural organic CO2. By using this method the bubbles are remarkably gentle and remain in the water longer than when infused by ordinary methods. Perlage is the only water in Poland which undergoes this special process. The perceived impression of  the water bottle design is one of heritage and luxury.






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