Before you go full steam ahead and get excited about your new brand design with all the bells and whistles there are a few things you shouldn’t forget…

All too often we speak to clients who are beside themselves with excitement about the prospect of their new brand design, whether that may be their corporate branding or new branding for a range launch. To ensure the effectiveness of your new branding you will need to build the message into everything your customer or potential customer sees.

The brief is clearly defined but have you thought about…


I’ll let you into a secret. A brand can cost as much or as little as you like. If you keep it simple you keep your costs down. You don’t have to have all the bells and whistles. Don’t forget you are in control of your budget. Its important to ask yourself what can you really afford to spend on your new branding. Be open and honest. Don’t be under the illusion that if you approach a design agency and tell them your new branding budget they will run away with all your money rubbing their hands together. Discussing budget openly and honestly with your chosen design agency saves time and ultimately allows you to arrive at your end goal within budget and happy! A good design agency will be able to work to your budget. And lets face it we all have a cost in mind. From the big corporates to the new start ups.

Rpm90 creative brochure design


So you have your Spanking new branding and you are the only one who knows it exists!  Its no good blowing all your budget on the design and then having no money left to spread the word. Your new branding can eat away a lot of capital if you’ve not thought about it right from the start. What you may need to consider:

• Reworking your company’s stationery and signage. This may include letterheads, business cards, company literature and brochures. Your new branding should be put implimented onto your stationery and signage at the same time avoid brand confusion.

Rpm90 website home page

• Website design. If you already have a website you will need to consider the cost of updating this to fall in line with your new brand. Failing to deliver a cohesive brand will damage your brand image. If you don’t have a website you will most definitely need one and should consider the cost implication of this!

• Advertising and PR. You need to do everything you can to ensure your new brand message and its values are effectively portrayed.

If you think about all your possible requirements right at the beginning there will be no surprises.  Think it through, cost it through and understand what is required in order to get the message across to your consumers.You should discuss these requirements with your design agency. Its important for designers to understand all the requirements. And if we understand them we design knowledgably, ensuring the new branding works.


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