Packaging Design

What stays on your mind jumps off the shelf.

Packaging is where all your hard work on strategy design and messaging really comes to life, in a physical manifestation of everything your brand stands for. In an almost entirely digital world, the human touch shouldn’t be underestimated. Branding so often asks customers to make a connection with a product; packaging allows them to actually do it.

Health & Beauty

Researchers estimate that more than 70 percent of purchase decisions are made at point of sale. Showing that the packaging design is as important as the product itself. Attractive packaging will influence the customer to buy your product, after all looks do matter.  Good branding and package design adds perceived value to a product and consumers buy into the image, values and desires that the brand portrays.

Our packaging designers take the brief and consider budget, price point and target audience. Crafting alluring designs that will seduce your customers from the shop shelves.

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Food Packaging

Our food packaging designers combine both graphic and typographic expertise, with the experience of working with more cost effective or limiting substrates, while taking into account ever prominent recyclability issues and legal requirements. We link our retail package design know-how to customer specifications in order to deliver food and beverage designs that are clearly distinguishable, have shelf appeal, and make the best use of the materials available.

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Packaging design & so much more

The perfect piece of packaging combines classic characteristics with modern methods. The result is an offering to the twin alters of Form and Function. Of course, as a packaging design agency we offer the following services separately. But for the best results we suggest collaborating through the full development job:

  • Brand Strategy
  • Branding
  • Package Design
  • Structural Design
  • Label Design
  • Point of sale (POS) collateral
  • Copywriting
  • Print management

Great, but why hire us?

We’re an experienced branding and packaging design agency but our talented team of designers don’t simply create desirable packaging, they craft unique solutions to fit each brief. Hitting the right balance to be aesthetically stimulating, convey all the necessary information and protect the product throughout its life cycle.

What sets us apart is our technical knowledge of packaging and print. Letting us go beyond aesthetics to create a comprehensive design that is both functional and persuasive. We give careful consideration to consumer interaction, drop testing, tamper proofing and important shrinkage issues, which are all too often forgotten.

Print and package design is at the core of our agency. Which means we have the hands-on experience to know a cover from a choke, and a trim from a trap.