Product Photography

A picture says a thousand words

So we’ve created the great branding, and the great packaging, now you need to show it off. Great imagery shouldn’t be a luxury. Its likely to be the first thing someone notices about your business so its worth getting it right.

Pack Shot Photography

Online shopping can be tricky for consumers. You can’t physically see or touch the products. So, what convinces consumers to buy? More often than not, it’s the picture. There’s no denying we’re attracted to pretty things. We set our sights on something that looks good, something that appeals to the eye. Packshot photographs are usually composed as front facing images on a neutral or white background. This ensures products are clean and clear of distraction when used on websites or catalogues.

Mixing it up

Sometimes customers need to see how a product can change their lives by seeing it in context. That added personal edge can make a whole lot of difference. To sell certain products you need to set the scene. Utilising different backgrounds or props help the customer relate to the product immediately. Photography should enhance your products and reconfirm your brand message. This style of photography allows us to get really creative, shooting the product from different angles, cropping, playing with depth of field and generally mixing things up.

Revlon Realistic Ethnic Haircare Range by LANDED, Branding Agency Brighton.

We’re ready for a challenge

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Product photography & so much more

We understand the impact an image has. The allure of a beautiful photograph is a powerful thing. Whatever your product, a photograph can tempt potential customers to purchase. We shoot stylish, unique photographs that work for your particular product, enhancing it in the best ways possible.

With the mass of noise out there an image is the perfect way to grab someone’s attention, right away. Although we offer these services separately we recommend working together throughout the whole process:

  • Art Direction
  • Pack Shot Photography
  • Lifestyle Photography
  • Image Editing
  • Retouching
  • Post Processing


Great, but why hire us?

Our photographers take professional, quality photographs that make your products pop. The Landed Agency complete all image editing and re-touching in-house which means we create the images we envisage for your branding campaign. We think about the bigger picture to ensure we produce images in the correct format, whether it be for social media or giant billboards. Our aim is to make even the most ordinary of products look extraordinary, to help your products fly off the shelf.

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