Now here’s a package design we like!

I stumbled across ‘Shreddies’ flatulence filtering underwear last week and although I’m quick to point out I’m not actually in need of this product, I know a few people who are! Either way…I love his THIS well designed package!!!

Chemical warfare underwear!

‘Shreddies’ underwear features a ‘Zorflex’ activated carbon back panel that absorbs all flatulence odours. Due to its highly porous nature, the odour vapours become trapped and neutralised by the cloth, which is then reactivated by simply washing the garment. Activated carbon cloth is used in chemical warfare suits, which demonstrates just how effective it is at removing odours!

Paul O’Leary is the designer and innovator of ‘Shreddies’ underwear. To bring Shreddies to life Paul worked alongside a team of lingerie designers from De Montfort University’s leading lingerie design course. A leading designer in the fashion industry, Darren Cleary, who had previously worked with Paul Smith also helped to design the underwear. It was decided that ‘Zorflex’ activated carbon cloth would be used as the flatulence filter since its use in chemical warfare suits is renowned. De Montfort University’s testing reinforced this decision when it was proven to be perfect for the task. ‘Shreddies’ flatulence filtering underwear was launched in 2008 and only a year later was recognised for their innovative work and awarded the ACA ‘Look Good Feel Good’ award.

Shreddies humorous packaging design

‘Shreddies’ Branding and Packaging Design

‘Shreddies’ have created some rather fun branding. The gift packaging design adopts great photography with the supporting strapline “Your farts are starting to attract BEARS!”. The aim is to attract consumers attention in a humorous way, hopefully provoking a smile. Shreddies underwear is by no means cheap so I wonder how long the smile will last!

As you can imagine ‘MyShreddies’ have attracted a lot of media attention, due to their innovative and unique flatulence filtering technology. So If you want to see more and perhaps are looking for a solution to bears knocking at your door or even just fancy telling your mates you’re wearing chemical warfare underwear,  Go to  ‘MyShreddies’ to view some of the world coverage on TV and radio.


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