An iPhone 5 case to be proud of but where can I get one…

Its arrived! My shiny new iPhone 5. And top tip here – if you can afford it go for the 64gig version. Because most consumers go for the 16 or 32 gig models these are on an approximate 12 week waiting list for o2 customers. My 64gig arrived after only 8 days. So anyway, I have my lovely new iPhone 5…but I’m carrying it around in a sock! Because as we all know the iPhone 5 its quite a bit longer than its predecessor, the iPhone 4 case I have just doesn’t do the job, so a sock it is for the time being! I set to work trying to find a nice little sleeping bag (iPhone 5 case)…how hard can it be?

Answer: very hard!

I am, as most designers, quite particular about a few things; handbags, shoes and phone cases to name but a few. So I did my research and fell across a nice little video reviewing the iPhone 5 case/pouches. Settling upon the Snugg iPhone 5 case I went about trying to purchase one and find the Tan version is out of stock everywhere. After much searching I found them on ebay with quite a hefty price tag. Its a real bug bear of mine when people buy up stock of popular items and resell them on ebay at an inflated cost, not to mention the fact that I know some of these are not even authentic Snugg pouches. Reluctant to be ripped off but aware as the director of a design agency I couldn’t very well turn up to meetings with my iPhone in a sock! I decided I would rather pay a little extra and get an authentic Snugg pouch from the makers themselves. It said on the site there would be an additional surcharge for international delivery but I thought ok, better than ebay. And then I noticed the option to select a different country. Long story short, I ordered my Snugg iPhone case at 11.23am yesterday and at 9.30am the next day had it sitting on my desk. It came from the UK Snugg store so no international surcharge was incured. The total cost with P&P was £24.99.

Different views of the iPhone 5 case from Snugg

So to summerise….forget out of stock, don’t know when its coming back in stock Amazon, forget fake or hiked up priced ebay and go straight to the source for your iPhone 5 case. Even when it does come back into stock at Amazon, I’m finding more and more their delivery service is taking longer.

In conclusion, the snugg iPhone 5 case itself looks great, is well made and the magnetic pull is a lovely feature. Its a sexy little pouch for a sexy phone. Im happy. And added to that I am extremely happy with the efficiency and customer service of

My only disappointment as a packaging designer is the packaging it came in! It could do with a bit of sexy too.

snugg iPhone 5 case packaging




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