Website plagiarism or flattery update as of 6th June 2013.

Further to the below post, the very next day something happened which I can honestly say surprised me and restored my faith that there are still ethical people out there. I received the following, very apologetic email from the Mr Losina who is the domain owner of  projetopalpitar.


‘My name is Nede Losina.

I am a photograph, and I registered the domain as a place where some friends who are photographers could create sites for their exhibition.

A few days ago, one of those photographers created a site for an exhibition. Yesterday I found my name in your post about plagiarism, and was taken by surprise. I immediately contacted the site’s webdesigner, sending the link of your post, and took the website off.

I am deeply sorry about this situation. I am, indeed, the owner of the domain and I am hosting the website, but had no other involvement with the website creation, nor had any idea that they just made a copy of your website. The website itself has only an indirect relation with me, since I wasn´t even one of the photographs on the site.

As an artist myself, I am strongly against plagiarism, and I am really sorry for this incident.

Your site really has a beautiful design and I’m deeply sorry for that inconvenience. If there is anything else I could do, I am at your disposal.’


True to his word Mr Losina immediately took down plagiarised site! Not only that Mr Losina had the good grace to email again stating ‘Although it will not be favorable to me I really liked your post, loved your sense of humour.’

Thankyou Mr Losina.




If someone is, lets say, HEAVILY influenced by your work, should this be taken as website plagiarism or flattery?

A very famous quote states ‘Imitation is the highest form of flattery’

but then again…

The dictionary definition of ‘plagiarism’ is ‘the practice of taking someone else’s work or ideas and passing them off as one’s own’

Having recently noticed a surge of activity on our google analytics I decided to look a little deeper and see where it was coming from. I noticed a lot of visits coming from a site My first reaction was ‘fantastic! someone has blogged about us or showcased our work’.

So off I head to to check it out…. but hang on…this site looks familiar???


Flipflop Design vs Palpitar

Plagiarised Website Comparison


• The layout of the site is based on 3 squares across…Oh! what a coincidence!  so is, that’s funny isnt it.

• Oh my! what clever use of  the unique animated caption functionality which playfully follows a users mouse around. Good God! That’s remarkable…we did that too! Funny how great minds think alike. 

Details same font layout

• I do really like their choice of font. Its light and airy giving a really contemporary feel and I LOVE the way in which they have used the font extra large for the titles. I wish we had thought of doing that…but wait…WOW! we did do that!

This is all getting a little spooky now and theres more! ‘Surely not!’ I hear you shout but yes! Its just uncanny how similar this site really is to our own.  We really should look more closely to be sure if we suspect that this ‘’ really have had the audacity to completely rip off flipflopdesign’s website. Lets ask ourselves some more questions..

• Is the ‘palpitar’ logo sitting in the same position as on the flipflopdesign website? WHAT DO YOU KNOW, IT IS! TICK!

website plagiarism example



website plagiarism same layout

• Are their client logos faded out at the bottom of the page?…did we do that? ERM YES, TICK!

• Ahhh…but when you hover over the logos, do they gently fade in and out like the ones on flipflop? INDEED THEY DO! TICK!

• The colours, if they had changed the colours then it wouldnt really be a rip off would it? Are the colours the same?…YUP! THAT’S ANOTHER TICK!

• What about the thin blue line under the navigation, I mean that’s just a tiny little detail, is that the same?…AB-SO-LUTE-LY!

Palpitar's source code shows the original flipflop design code which it was copied from

Ok, so now there’s not much doubt that this is website plagiarism pure and simple but just to be triple sure, let’s take a look at the code…WHOA! That’s our code! and how do we know this 100% for sure besides the fact that we know our own code? Because didn’t even have the intelligence to remove flipflop design from the code. AND they’ve even left in the flipflopdesign analytics code!!! Superstars!


Oh don’t get me wrong…I mean I think this website looks terrific, I so wish we were THIS good and could design a website with such beautiful elegance but just enough playful functionality, that we could…






I am totally astounded by the absolute cheek of  ‘Nede Losina’ (owner of Palpitar) in completely ripping off our website and lets face it, not changing a thing except to crowbar in their own content! Plagiarism on the internet is a huge problem and this is a perfect example.

It is said that copying is the highest form of flattery, So my question…

Is this website plagiarism or should we just feel flattered?

Please feel free to post your comments.

If you suspect website plagiarism you can use an online plagiarism checker which advises how to detect plagiarism. Some of these tools are free and you just need to search in google for plagiarism software. Also, as plagiarism on the internet is now so rife there are some sites where you can name and shame the culprits. Unfortunately for us creatives, there is an abundance of talentless and unethical individuals out there ready to steal your work. So if you have fallen foul of them as we have, my advice is simply to be flattered.

And thank you Nede Losina’ owner of Palpitar for helping me to write this blog.





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