Bullingberg Men's Grooming, Luxury packaging design. Created by packaging design company Flipflop Design.



Men’s grooming company Bullingberg approached us with the task of branding their range of beard oils and personal care products. We needed to balance the accessible with the luxurious, and also capture that premium feel without a premium price-point; a tough task within men’s grooming packaging design.

Bullingberg beard oil package design
Luxury packaging design for Scandal Beard Oil by Bullingberg - Creative Package Design - Flipflop Design, Brighton.
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As a brand, Bullingberg proudly represent the modern man; complex and three-dimensional, with the grounded style and irrepressible drive of a Conor McGregor or a Tom Hardy. We knew our designs had to chime with that mentality. They needed to feel hands-on, but still sophisticated; luxurious and indulgent, but still accessible and genuine.

Luxury packaging design, Bullingberg beard oils. Packaging Design company - Flipflop Design


We developed clean and precise brand packaging, with a range of five striking and modern colourways to represent the individual beard oils. It’s a design that looks just as eye-catching in an office as a gym locker. Whereas other beard oils seem happy to sit alongside hair wax in a supermarket, we knew our customers aspired to an image closer to high-end fragrances. And opening the package maintains that same class, with a stylish and tactile inner that completes the experience. The result is the ultimate indulgence for an impeccably stylish modern man.

Triumph Beard Oil by Bullingberg - Luxury packaging design - Flipflop Design creative agency, Brighton.


The slick rebrand allowed Bullingberg to reach an even larger audience – in-store and online – and the business has since been groomed for success by international independent retailers such as
Wolf & Badger.

Photography by studio dog

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