Product packaging for Challenger brand CB.Do. Brighton Design Agency - LANDED



The world’s 1st multi-function CBD tablet, cleverly formulated with Nature’s best ingredients and made with patented water-soluble CBD powder. This cutting-edge technology is the first of its kind. Precisely dosed, more absorbable and faster acting Daily tablet.

PROTECT - CBD to help Immune System, Nervous System, Respiratory System and Joints by CB.Do More Daily
BOOST - CBD to help Brain Function, Focus, Memory and Learning by CB.Do More Daily
ENERGISE - CBD to help Alertness, Stamina, Performance and Vitality by CB.Do More Daily
REST - CBD to help Relaxation, Anxiety, Sleep and Recovery by CB.Do More Daily
'Exclusive Deal with Selfridges within 6 months of launch'


Our aim was to give clarity to a confusing market, allowing more people to try something that’s often overly complicated and intimidating. As this was a revolutionary first to market product we needed to bring something different to the saturated market of me-too brands.

Photography of colourful tin packaging designed by Landed
CB.Do Boost tablets and packaging with water glass. Brighton Design Agency - LANDED
CB.Do Protect, lifestyle image of tin with tablets. Brighton Design Agency - LANDED
CB.Do Energise tablets and tin. Brighton Design Agency - LANDED
CB.Do Calm, product packaging. Brighton Design Agency - LANDED


A core part of the brand identity was for the packaging to be environmentally friendly. No other brand is using tins so we set CB.Do apart – presenting them as a portable ‘handbag’ item, more familiar and easy to use than a dropper bottle, as well as easily transportable, fully sustainable and reusable.

'Do More Daily' - tag line for CB.Do start-up brand. Brighton Design Agency - LANDED
CB.Do Illustrated brand asset- arrow icon. Brighton Design Agency - LANDED
CB.Do London advertising. Set of 3 Underground Posters by LANDED

We wanted to move away from using direct hemp imagery as this can be a barrier to purchase. Instead we’ve taken inspiration from cannabis throughout history. The packaging is like a map, a journey through time. The hand drawn elements chronicle the use of hemp and natural ingredients by different nations in different eras but with common uses.

Stunning illustrations for CBDo packaging and branding by Brighton Design Agency - LANDED
Unique icons created by LANDED
CB.Do - how it works illustrated explanation- Creative Agency - LANDED


Of course the website is the key to communicating the essence of the brand. Visually we’ve cut through this category with a fresh, colourful outlook combined with the added ingredients and their benefits. Interactive rollovers and call outs are playful yet informative. The social media campaign follows this through with quirky images, bright colours and cool text layouts, making it fun and engaging.

CB.Do social feed. Brighton Agency - LANDED


Launched in June 2021, CB.Do have seen growing success through their own e-commerce website, and after just 6 months have launched in Selfridges flagship store in London as well as their online store.