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Striking new identity and packaging design for start-up CBD brand.

Conscious {by design}.

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Conscious {by design} are a CBD wellness brand, creating natural products that seamlessly fit into your life to take the everyday out of your every day. The UK’s first liquid based CBD Pour paired with Swiss CBD, plant-based botanicals & clinically proven vitamins to power your body from day to night.

CBD product packaging featured next to its benefit.


Born out of a desire to disrupt, challenge and shift the current understanding around wellness and Cannabinoid (CBD), it was crucial to position the brand in the wellness/lifestyle market and not within CBD alone.

Due to current CBD regulations, one of the biggest challenges was to explain the benefits of the products without making any claims. Therefore it was crucial to use words and imagery to conjure the benefits – how it could make you feel and what your world could be like.

Liquid CBD pouring into glass water bottle
CBD sample pack


The name Conscious by Design was crafted out of our mission to remove the exclusivity surrounding wellness and CBD and provide honest uncomplicated products to help people make positive change in their life.

The brand is about being mindful of what we put in our bodies, how we can better look after ourselves and others, and how we treat the world around us. It is a brand with purpose, integrity and conscience at its core, and the name Conscious by Design is the epitome of that. ‘CBD’ is also made up from Conscious by Design’s initials.

Identity design translated onto product packaging for start-up brand C{BY}D.
CBD brand packaging - Touch.
CBD brand packaging - Flex.
CBD brand packaging - Immerse.

The packaging itself is pure and uncluttered. The line work is like a map, plotting the anticipated effects with emotive words that conjure the benefits, however subjective. The cartons use uncoated boards to reflect the unpolished finish of nature. It’s free of synthetics, echoing the brand. The foil sachets themselves are portable, easy to use and beautiful. They can be thrown in your hand bag or gym bag for convenient dosing on the go.

CBD Sample pack design for start-up brand C{BY}D.
Brand packaging design for CBD start-up brand Conscious {BY} Design.
CBD packaging design for start-up brand C{BY}D.
Cbyd wellness touch poem
Cbyd touch cbd packaging 2
Cbyd touch cbd packaging 1

We paint a picture with our language, using rich expressive descriptions that conjure up feelings and take you to a gratifying time or place, e.g. feels like that first kiss, or feels like diving into a cup of coffee.

Our words and imagery are descriptive not prescriptive. The imagery we use is achievable and relatable, not doing yoga at dawn or climbing a mountain.

Marketing campaign for CBD start-up brand C{BY}D.


After launching in 2021 C{by}D have gained traction online and have been picked up by Standard Dose, the cult US store known for curating the best CBD and wellness products on the market.

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