Hempology CBD Oil Packaging Range Line up. Designed by LANDED AGENCY, Brighton.

Hempology No.1


Growing CBD health brand Hempology approached us to create branding and packaging for an exclusive new range of cannabidiol products. Their aim was to release the therapeutic potential of the plant, and move away from the psychotropic perception.

Hempology Brand Logo Design. Creative Agency Brighton - LANDED
Hempology CBD E-Liquid Packaging Close up Image. Designed by LANDED, Brighton.
The strategy

CBD is indicated for many medical uses – chronic pain, inflammation, anxiety, psoriasis, and so on – but not many people are aware of it. We knew we needed to position Hempology as a serious product range that really worked, while also maintaining all the positives of the plant. The branding and design needed to feel natural and lush, as well as hand-crafted and artisan.

Hempology CBD Packaging Close up Image. Designed by LANDED Agency, Brighton.
The creative

We kept the branding clean and modern, with a premium sheen to the type, logo lock-up and colour palette. We knew that the active ingredient would need to feature heavily, and so we used an abundant hemp plant for the products’ labels and packaging.

CBD E-Liquid Packaging Close up Image of bottles and cartons. Designed by LANDED AGENCY, Brighton

The wider layout used few other graphical elements to add a feeling of efficacy to the products; the look was closer to other medical creams and oils that customers might be used to seeing. Finally, to add further gravitas to the range, we added texture and weight to the box, and pulled out accents with satin foils.

3x vape cartons designed by LANDED Brighton
CBD Brand & Packaging Design. Creative Agency Brighton - LANDED
the outcome

Hempology launched with success in 2017, opening up discussion in a new category of healthcare, with sales building to reach a real high around the country.

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