Healthcare Packaging design for Prosmile+ Teeth whitening products. x 3 product line up | LANDED

Dentist Rob Stead came to our creative agency with a brief to brand his new range of teeth whitening products for launch. Prosmile+ doesn’t use peroxide to bleach teeth, and so it was important to convey the fact that it’s kinder to teeth in the branding and packaging.

Brand logo design for Prosmile+. White logo on mid blue background. Design agency - LANDED


Because Prosmile+ was going to sit in high-end beauty salons, we knew we needed to do something different to our competitors. Other dental products have an old-fashioned, Americanised sheen that makes them all a much of a muchness. We wanted to create something clean, contemporary and disruptive, while still showing off the product benefit.

Healthcare Package design for Prosmile+ teeth whitening products. Cylindrical rigid carton with a contemporary, clean design. LANDED AGENCY


Rather than trying to compete with other dental products, we took inspiration from the world of boutique healthcare, crafting a look and feel more aligned to a luxurious soap than toothpaste.

Healthcare Packaging design for Prosmile+ teeth whitening products. Crop shot of hero product.
Packaging design brand asset on rigid cartons for Prosmile+. Created by brand & packaging design agency - LANDED

We built the packaging from two-part rigid cartons, to give an immediate impression of scientific rigour and trust. We chose a distinctive linear texture as the main brand asset for the base, to contrast with the clean white of the lid.

The soft pastel colours and woven pull-tab add to the feeling of gentleness and kindness, creating an identifiable range that’s stylish and aspirational.

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