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RPM90 are a business for cyclists, by cyclists. They offer bespoke touring package holidays in the UK and Europe. We were tasked to create a new, campaignable brand identity for them, as well as an e-commerce site.

Printed brochure design for RPM90 | Brighton Design Agency | LANDED
Business card design for RPM90 | LANDED Brand Design Agency


A passion for cycling is at the heart of RPM90 as a group of people, and so needed to be at the heart of our work. The brand needed to be seen as knowledgeable and authentic, because a committed cyclist can easily see through a Sunday freewheeler.

Advert design for RPM90 Cycling Holidays. Black & White image of a road in the Alps with RPM90 Brand logo top left and tag line 'Dedicated to riding the worlds best roads' bottom right.


The name was a good start; to ride longer with less fatigue, a cyclist should aim to pedal at 90 revolutions per minute. We felt it needed rationalising and connecting to the actual business though, so first off we developed the strapline: ‘You ride, we provide.’

Next we looked at the typography. It needed to be modern and kinetic, while also steeped in the heritage of cycling. That’s why we choose an elegant retro script for the logo, and fused it with clean, rounded lines for the numerals.

For the photographic treatment, we wanted to capture the feeling of the open road, so we focused on large, full-bleed imagery that immediately gets the calf muscles of any cycling enthusiast aching. The first-person point of view in many of these shots really gives the brand an energy and propulsion that helps it sell the rush of movement, rather than just a holiday.

The strong aspirational quality of the photography continues online, where the design of our mobile responsive site stays easy to explore. We also built e-commerce into the site, allowing users to customise and book their holiday package on-the-go.

Web Design for RPM90 cycling holidays - Home page | Brand Design Agency | LANDED
Web Design for RPM90 cycling holidays - Home page 2nd image | Brand Design Agency | LANDED
Web Design for RPM90 cycling holidays - Blog page | Brand Design Agency | LANDED


The new brand identity has been a runaway success, with roll-out across all marketing material and merchandise too. The style has also been applied to all RPM90’s literature and sales collateral, including exhibition stands.

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