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Strategise, Elevate, and Succeed - Discover the Power of Professional Branding Consultation.

Design Agency main office.

We nurture, advise, consult, guide and challenge start ups and growing businesses to deliver more than expected.

With 30 years experience in the industry our expertise goes far beyond just the creative. We support our clients with extensive industry knowledge, insight and commercial understanding. And if we dont know how to help, the chances are we know someone who does.

The Old smithy,  which is now Design Agency near Brighton, Sussex, UK. Landed Creative.

Book a creative consultation

If you’re not sure what you need or where to start (or even if you want to work with us), why not book in a no-strings branding consultation? In a structured session, we’ll get to the heart of your business challenges, and come up with some smart ideas about how to tackle them.

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How can we add value

Where is your business at?

Whatever phase of the business life cycle you’re in, we offer you the opportunity to get around the table with experienced commercial minds. Pick our brains about any aspects of your brand and we’ll share our knowledge and experience of the industry. Whether you need specific advice or just a different perspective, you can trust us to be brutally honest (with the very best of intentions).

Seed & Ideation

No clue what it takes to launch a brand? Who does what, what order to do things in, how much might it cost, MOQs, timings? It can be overwhelming. We can advise and consult, be your right arm and your left leg. We can work with you to flesh out your ideas, offer you our valuable insight and help you get your ducks in a row to start your new endeavour.


With years of experience helping start-ups, we help you understand the process of launching a brand, what is required and in what order. We can be your business partner without the cost, assisting with everything from strategy and creative to websites and social marketing. We’ll help prioritise your requirements and get the most from your budget.

Growth & Development

Many companies start out with a limited budget and once successfully established realise their brand identity and strategy no longer align with where the business is going. We offer a valuable opportunity to dissect your brand, whether it’s a full re-brand, refining the product range, optimising packaging or seeking new opportunities for growth.

Mature & established

We collaborate with numerous brands and SMEs, offering a diverse range of services. We work with you to identify key areas which require attention; such as a stagnant website, non-existent social presence, mis-aligned branding or inconsistent packaging. We help pinpoint your needs and missed opportunities and areas to increase profitability.

As we grow older we’re
proud of our figures.

Age is nothing to be afraid of. Its what gives us our vast knowledge, experience and commercial minds. In the wake of a tight deadline, It allows us the kind of calm that can only be obtained from many years tearing our hair out at the office pulling all nighters on creative concepts. Sure we have a few more wrinkles than we did 19 years ago, but check out our fuller figures (the agencies, not ours!).


19 years as a thriving agency


Jobs under our belt


Websites designed & built in 2023


Past and present clients worldwide


New brands crafted


Start up brands successfully launched