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Avisha Dead Sea


We were approached to create the entire brand identity for a new range of high quality hair and body products that use salt from the Dead Sea for therapeutic purposes.

Label and carton Packaging Design For Avisha Dead Sea | LANDED creative design agency
Jar and carton Packaging Design For Avisha Dead Sea Mineral Mask | LANDED creative design agency
The strategy

Firstly, we knew we needed a name that made the products’ unique formulation and origins really sing. And because of the reverence of the Dead Sea’s location, we knew the brand design and packaging needed to be just as extraordinary as the products. We wanted to evoke all those feelings of exaltation and meditation, and connect them with the indulgence of a really good beauty product.

Cartons printed on silver Metpol for high shine metallic finish. Carton Design for Dead Sea Skincare Range | LANDED creative design agency
The creative

We started with the name. Getting to name a brand is always a great honour because it sets the tone for everything else, including the relationship the customer will have with the product. We chose ‘Avisha’ because it really lets the Hebrew heritage shine. It means literally ‘Gift from God,’ which works wonderfully to describe the Dead Sea, as well as the brand’s refined products.

For the packaging, we chose imagery and tones that immediately call to mind the sea, with deep blues and subtle gradients to symbolise the rich aquatic mineral layers. We decided to print on silver metpol board with a high gloss UV varnish to give the sense of movement and depth you get when you look at a body of water in the sun. This is paired with clean swatches of white to represent the purity of those famous salts.

the outcome

We created an original and abundant brand identity, which allowed it to sit alongside both traditional ‘natural’ products, and also high-end premium beauty treatments.

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