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Forget everything you know about Cosmetics and beauty. DEPIXYM has arrived and it’s tearing up the rulebook. A new concept in makeup – a single product which can be used however you like. Think paint, artistry, creativity… that childlike curiosity and innocence where judgement doesn’t occur & anything goes.

Depixym Cosmetic Brand Design.  Landed design Agency project.


Depixym as a brand is all about inclusivity. It’s for her, for him, for them. It was important to ensure the cosmetic packaging was gender neutral, appealing to all, and that its seen as attainable and not too polished or high-end. Depixym is a feel-good brand who promote celebrating each individuals uniqueness and embracing your flaws. The brand is honest and straight talking.

Content creation for indie Cosmetic Brand.
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Landed creative agency project. Depixym cosmetics brand quote.
Landed creative agency project, Depixym cosmetics advert.


We positioned Depixym as an iconic brand which embodies the attitude of the misrepresented. Not everyone fits into the prescriptive view of what is beautiful. We want to celebrate our flaws not hide them. Raw natural pitted textures represent different skin types, and splashes of colour adds personality and flair to the brand.

Depixym cosmetics 1920 2

We made a conscious move away from slick polished cartons to embrace gritty raw materials and the haphazard splashes of colour. Anything goes. Rough plaster and untreated concrete surfaces form the basis of the packaging, providing a blank canvas for creativity and artistry and highlighting there is as much beauty in the raw and imperfect as there is in the perfect.

Depixym pattern quote

With a positioning that invites the consumer to be part of their clan, we created a bold and unapologetic tone of voice which celebrates being comfortable in your own skin and empowers those who dare to be different.

Landed design agency project. Cosmetic Brochure design
Landed Creative Agency Project Assets for Cosmetic brand.


On their launch in 2019, Depixym started out in the World renowned Professional Make Up Supplier, Guru MakeUp Emporium, London. They have since expanded their reach into the mainstream through Europe’s number one online premium beauty retailer, Look Fantastic.

Their upbeat quirky SM presence has earned them over 15000 Instagram followers. With tons of positive press coverage including Vogue Paris and Harper’s Bazaar and winning Allure’s 2021 Best in Beauty award they are turning the cosmetics world on it’s head!

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