Product line up showing Branding & Package Design for Revlon Realistic by Creative Agency Brighton - LANDED



Revlon Realistic isn’t just another haircare brand, so we knew this wasn’t just another brief. Their mission is to promote a more positive and diverse image of black femininity, which means authenticity is at the heart of everything. Their products all include black seed oil, which is proven to strengthen hair that is curly, thick and voluminous.
Our challenge was to support the launch of their Natural Hair Revolution products with branding, photography, print, packaging and digital assets that showed the same strength, beauty and pride that led to their creation in the first place.

African American Woman with Afro Hair - lifestyle image
Revlon Realistic Natural Hair Products by Creative Agency Brighton - LANDED
Art Direction and photography for Revlon Realistic Natural Hair care range | Creative Agency Brighton | LANDED


We wanted to create a visual identity and tone of voice that was sexy, sassy and aspirational, without feeling like it was out of reach for the average woman. More than ever when designing for people often left behind by traditional beauty, everything has to be built on a foundation of inclusivity. Revlon Realistic needed to look different to other ethnic ranges on the shelves, carving out a unique identity so we could say: ‘finally, we get you.’

Banner Design for Revlon Realistic - Creative Agency Brighton - LANDED


We worked with Revlon Realistic every step of the way, from initial concept and branding, through to rollout across multiple touchpoints and mediums.
For the packaging we created gold geometric pattern, representing the building blocks to stronger hair, but beyond that they also hint at the idea of individuals coming together to form a stronger community.

Revlon Realistic Natural Hair products lined up for product shot - Creative Agency Brighton - LANDED

The colour palette was chosen for its bold, modern look, with not only real cut-through in-store, but also elegance in the home. We wanted these products to sit proudly in any bathroom, offering an almost ornamental quality that catches the eye.
We also supported the next stage of campaign development, which was – broadly-speaking – the marketing collateral. We planned, styled and art directed the photoshoot, crafting powerful and unique assets for print and online. We even created animations for digital banners and social media.

Advert design for REVLON haircare Range - Creative Agency Brighton - LANDED
Advertisement on subway board for REVLON haircare Range - Creative Agency Brighton - LANDED

The final stage of the project was the international Revlon Realistic website, with sophisticated ecommerce functionality built in to handle complex currency conversions and shipping calculations. And because customer need was such a driver in the creation of Revlon Realistic in the first place, we wanted to offer tutorials, advice and wider style tips for our consumers. The Revlon Style Area kept them coming back for more, and from a business perspective it also offered a chance to cross- and up-sell. Finally, we knew we had to be as transparent as possible, so an animated FAQ section offered everyone the chance to engage with the brand and ask questions.


E-Commerce web design for Revlon - Brighton Web Designers - LANDED


The response was extraordinary. Revlon Realistic is now on sale in more than 200 chains of retailers and online beauty outlets, with demand growing all the time. And in a category renowned for negative online feedback – ethnic hair and beauty – we’ve seen numerous positive video reviews, particularly praising the relatability of the brand and the recognisable image of modern black beauty on show.

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