Structural Packaging Design

It’s time to break the mould, quite literally.

Investing in a new 3D packaging structure can greatly enhance brand differentiation and improve the consumers sensory experience through touch and texture. Remember Virgin Cola and the hype around their curvy ‘Pammy’ bottle?!

Product Design

For clients who want something totally unique and have the budget to tool new bottles or caps. We can craft beautiful bespoke packaging to really elevate your brand.

With over 3 decades of international experience, our structural package designer applies his broad knowledge of trends, materials, production tooling and manufacturing processes to solve your 3D challenges.

From initial sketches and wire framing, we proceed to 3D photorealistic renders which can include mapping of graphics, to give an accurate vision of how the final design will look.

Structural Packaging Design for Jamaica Rum.

Package Design

Having worked with many high street retailers on their gift packaging. We are highly experienced in designing unusual and distinctive product packaging, from window cartons to rigid boxes.

Our carton packaging designs start with sketches, combined with some good old fashioned cutting, folding and scratching of heads! (which generally comes when trying to break the mould). But ultimately we create structural packaging which is beautiful, unique and can securely hold its contents.

We can provide cut and creased quality CAD cut samples so you have a working, to scale prototype. This gives you something solid for testing and final approval.


Structural Carton Packaging Design for Goupie chocolate

We’re ready for a challenge

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Structural Packaging Design & so much more

By integrating graphics with 3D design we can create packaging in any shape, size, material, and structural complexity. From glass bottles and plastic containers to ceramic wares and metal boxes. We offer the following services separately, but for the best results we suggest collaborating through the full project development:

  • Package Design
  • Structural Design
  • Label Design
  • Point of sale (POS) collateral
  • Copywriting
  • Print management

Great, but why hire us?

The skills and technology we possess allow us to push the boundaries of design and provide the perfect packaging for your product. Packaging that grabs the attention of your customers, carries a clear identity, and helps you reach your sales targets.